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Welcome to Professor Yuguo Li's Research Website

Thank you for visiting our website.

We study and learn at the interface of atmospheric environment and fluid mechanics. Our focus is on the ventilation of man-made environments of different length scales – a room (1m), a building (100m), a street (100m), a neighborhood (1km), a city (10km) and even a city cluster (100km).

Ventilation and wind flows are the determinant of the thermal environment and air quality in such man-made environments. Heat and pollutant removal by airflows is often the most important mechanism. Its importance can be seen by long recognition that lack of wind flows was the causes of all major urban pollution disasters.

Importance of fresh air supply to a building is also known. The use of mechanical fans allows the building to be deep and large in size. It is also known that the animal sizes are determined by their lung sizes. We believe that the ventilation of a city is ultimately also determined by its breathability.

We study the physical processes of ventilation and wind flows. We apply our knowledge to understand how natural ventilation works, how exhaled droplets disperse and evaporate and how city ventilation can be enhanced in a city like Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the most energy efficiency in the world. The city of Hong Kong also provides a unique world laboratory for studying city ventilation due to its highest building volumes and complex geographical setting.

I welcome your comments and suggestions on our work.

Yuguo Li